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VersaTrans RP
the most flexible and easy-to-use routing and planning system
VersaTrans e-Link
our web-based product that allows access to transportation data on the Internet
VersaTrans FleetVision
our intuitive fleet management and maintenance software provides confident fleet decision making
VersaTrans TripTracker
our reliable and efficient field trip planning and management tool
VersaTrans OnScreen
real-time GPS fleet tracking and management system
VersaTrans SIF Agent
create a dynamic data gateway between VersaTrans RP and other applications
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Success Story Library

Chester County Intermediate Unit - Exton, Pennsylvania
VersaTrans' "What-if" Capabilities Help Chester County Schools Realize Significant Savings

Chester County Schools' challenge was to efficiently route school buses serving multiple districts whose students attended widely dispersed out-of-district schools. Their solution was to use VersaTrans Routing and Planning with One Touch Routing (OTR). They ended up saving $106,000 a year! [read more]

Cincinnati Public Schools - Cincinnati, Ohio
Routing and Planning Solutions for the Large Urban School District

Cincinnati Public Schools had tried several computerized routing packages in the past but none of them offered the scalability they were looking for. Urban school transportation creates many different challenges like managing a large student population and integrating public transit with district vehicles. VersaTrans RP offered effective solutions to all this and more. [read more]

Converting to VersaTrans - Washington
A Washington School District Switches To VersaTrans Routing & Planning

This district had to annually prepare new routes for driver bidding, build summer school routes, create routes for double shifts and be prepared for mid-year re-routing to accommodate a new school - all with a routing product that didn’t work. The solution was VersaTrans Routing & Planning 8.2.2. [read more]

Davis County School District - Clearfield, Utah
Tyler's VersaTrans e-Link – Easy, efficient on-line access to student transportation data for Davis County

Davis County School District is a 235 square mile district with an enrollment of 58,500 students. Transporting more than 16,650 students to 77 schools, Davis County School District Transportation Department receives over 200 calls a day during the busy summer months. The challenge was to efficiently communicate pupil transportation information to school officials, the school community it serves, and the general public, minimizing telephone calls to various school offices. The solution was VersaTrans e-Link. [read more]

Duluth Independent School District #709 - Duluth, Minnesota
Helping a Duluth School District Solve Its Complicated Transportation Equation

Duluth's challenge was to effectively redistrict to accommodate school closings and consolidations due to declining enrollments, to provide multiple "what-if" planning scenarios for the school board and to collectively analyze student data to minimize mid-year bus stop changes. In the end VersaTrans Routing and Planning with its One Touch Routing (OTR) and planning features provided the solution. [read more]

Eaton Rapids Public School District - Eaton Rapids, Michigan
Austintown Local School District - Austintown, Ohio
Oak Ridge School District - Oak Ridge, Tennessee

VersaTrans Helps School Districts Check In with Time and Cost Savings

Saving time and money was the bottom line for these three districts. With the help of VersaTrans' routing, planning and redistricting features, all of them were able to accomplish their goals. [read more]

Evergreen School District #114, Vancouver, Washington
Mastering the Challenge of Creating New District Boundaries

Evergreen's challenge was to replace the time-consuming and inefficient paper map process for school bus routing and create optimal new district boundaries to accommodate a fourth high school. With the help of VersaTrans RP’s planning features they were able to succeed at every challenge placed before them. [read more]

Issaquah School District #411 - Issaquah, Washington
Tyler's VersaTrans RP and Tyler's VersaTrans e-Link Pack a 1-2 Punch for Issaquah

The Issaquah School District in Washington transports about 9,000 students each day on 85 regular education and 25 special education routes over 112 square miles of territory - and they do it with just two full-time routers, a part time router, and one Transportation Operations Coordinator, Gayle Morgan. Morgan’s role focuses on maintaining Issaquah’s core map data by performing duties such as adding new housing developments, running planning scenarios, monitoring enrollment numbers, and tracking boundaries. She also helps the routers with their day-to-day job of maintaining the district’s 110 routes. [read more]

Holmen School District - Holmen, Wisconsin
Tyler's VersaTrans SIF Agent & Schools Interoperability Framework– SIF ends the redundant entry of student information

Holmen School District transports more than 2700 students over 88 miles. Holmen School District has been an active VersaTrans client since 1998. The challenge was to have accurate and reliable student information on all database programs throughout the district thus reducing clerical tasks of transportation personnel and ending data isolation. The solution was Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) with VersaTrans SIF Agent, SASIxp™ SIF Agent and SIFWorks™ Enterprise ZIS from Edustructures®. [read more]

La Porte Independent School District - La Porte, Texas
Converting to Tyler's VersaTrans Solution, gaining efficiency

Bryan Trousdale believes that anything worth investing in is worth thoroughly investigating first. As the Transportation Director at La Porte ISD located southeast of Houston, Texas, Trousdale has done his share of investigating during his 22 years in student transportation. He recently spent time researching the district’s routing software options. He quickly realized that it was time for La Porte to switch from the routing software it had been using to VersaTrans RP. [read more]

McLean County Unit District No. 5 - Normal, Illinois
Tyler's VersaTrans Assist Provides Custom Support to Meet District's Unique Needs

The McLean County Unit District No. 5, which serves McLean and Woodford counties in Illinois, transports over 11,000 students each day and its buses travel 1.5 million miles over the course of the school year. Just four years prior, the district's buses traveled half a million miles less - a clear indication of the rapid growth that Unit 5, as it is known locally, has experienced. [read more]

North Okanagan-Shuswap School District No. 83 - Salmon Arm, British Columbia
Using the Tyler’s VersaTrans Solution and Zonar Systems’ tools to overcome transportation challenges

The North Okanagan - Shuswap School District No. 83 (District 83) in British Columbia, Canada, faces a host of transportation challenges. Among them are rising fuel costs that are out-pacing stagnate fuel funding rates and regulatory requirements that take staff time and energy. Fortunately for the school district, Frank Marasco, Manager of Transportation, has the vision and tools to overcome these challenges. [read more]

Radnor Township School District - Radnor, Pennsylvania
Cost Savings and Efficiency Results From Radnor Township's Use of VersaTrans

Radnor's challenge was to cost-effectively and efficiently route school buses in congested traffic areas, economically utilize fleet resources and to redistrict to accommodate a new elementary school building. Their solution was to use VersaTrans Routing and Planning with it's One Touch Routing (OTR), fleet scheduling and planning features. They ended up saving $160,000 a year! [read more]

School District 18 - Fredericton, New Brunswick
Tyler’s VersaTrans TripTracker, an Excellent Return on Investment

When your software frees up over 7 and a half hours a day…it’s a definition of efficiency that simply adds up.

When Shelley McLeod, Transportation Manager of New Brunswick School District 18 in Canada, decided to attend an International ASBO conference in Toronto in 2008, she didn’t realize that she would find a solution that would save her department and the District significant time and money. [read more]

Sioux City Community School District - Sioux City, Iowa
“Fool Proof” System with Robust Functionality and Reliable Support Sets VersaTrans RP Apart from the Rest

Sioux City had computerized routing software but for some reason was still creating routes by hand. The software packages never became operational or didn't meet their needs. After striking out twice they finally hit a home run with VersaTrans RP. [read more]

Student Transit, Inc. - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Cut cost and become more efficient at the same time

This contractor needed accurate and reliable transportation information. The software needed to be flexible, easy-to-use as well as provide the perfect routing and planning solution. They found VersaTrans Routing & Planning and VersaTrans FleetVision to be exactly what they needed. [read more]

Sumner County Schools - Gallatin, Tennessee
Tyler’s VersaTrans RP Makes Routing Changing Student Populations Easy

For Bill Bentsen and Heather Jones, a rapidly growing student population is nothing new. As Student Data Management Technicians for Sumner County, Tennessee, they have seen an increase of between 500 and 1,000 additional students each year-largely due to Sumner County’s suburban appeal and short commute to Nashville. “Sumner County Schools’ Pupil Transportation faces enormous challenges,” notes Bentsen-challenges ranging from the addition of new schools, to frequent GIS map updates as new streets are added. It was clear Sumner County needed a solution that allowed them to react easily to the district’s rapid changes. [read more]

Triad Community Unit School District 2 - Troy, Marine and St. Jacob, Illinois
District Planning with Tyler’s VersaTrans RP

The Triad Community Unit School District 2 is comprised of three Illinois communities, Troy, St. Jacob and Marine, across the river from St. Louis. Like many suburban areas, Triad has experienced growth on the outer edges of the district, particularly in the Troy community. Fields that were once empty have been developed and now house families with young children. And young children, of course, need to be educated. [read more]

Wauconda Community School District 118 - Wauconda, Illinois
Consulting Services Help District Adapt Transportation Operations to
Accommodate Growth

Waconda Community School Districted was in the middle of constructing a new school building and needed help evaluating the grade configurations at all schools and then creating new efficient routes. They needed a way to get accurate analysis of multiple "what-if" scenarios and be able to identify the impact of any change. VersaTrans Consulting Services provided everything they were looking for and more. [read more]


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