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Tyler Telematic GPS™

Finding the Value in GPS Technology

Telematic GPS is more than vehicle location, speed and heading!

GPS technology has become common in everyday life, from devices in our cars to our mobile phones. And while it has a reputation for being "cool", school districts are having a difficult time seeing its value.

Now more than ever, a school district has a responsibility to its school board and community to be financially conservative and look for those purchases with a return on investment (ROI). While districts have seen some cost savings after implementing a GPS solution, they really haven't tapped into the full capabilities the technology has to offer.

Introducing Tyler Telematic GPS.

Telematic GPS is the only solution that can provide significant cost savings in these four important areas.

Risk Management—a built-in accelerometer keeps track of driver behavior including harsh braking and rapid acceleration. The solution creates a profile for each driver that can be monitored and reported on to help prevent accidents.

Productivity—full integration with Versatrans Onscreen and Versatrans Routing & Planning allows for route and street imports, planned versus actual comparison and geofencing alerts. This ensures that the District is utilizing the most efficient paths while still providing a high level of service.

Fleet Maintenance—each unit includes On Board Diagnostic (OBD) monitoring. Alerts are sent whenever an issue surfaces, for example low battery voltage, change in oil pressure and more. These alerts give mechanics the opportunity to enhance preventive maintenance and avoid untimely and costly breakdowns and repairs.

Regulatory Compliance—The system is in full compliance with CSA2010 and creates driver score cards.

The ROI of Telematic GPS

Would you implement a technology solution if you could begin to realize operational cost savings on day one? Because of advanced OBD technology, Telematic GPS can provide instant as well as long term savings.

  • Easily detect real idle issues and correct the behavior instantly through in-depth reporting and in-vehicle driver alerts.
  • Reduce your spare fleet size by keeping one step ahead of vehicle maintenance issues.
  • Through a driver score card, reduce the amount of driver related incidents with reports that create benchmarks to assist in driver training.

Districts of all sizes can find savings through Telematic GPS, no matter their complexity or policy.

More Power at a Competitive Cost

The Software

Versatrans Powercheck—This new software solution comes with the purchase of the GO4 GPS unit. This is your window into the engine of every vehicle in your GPS-equipped fleet. Powercheck monitors the status of many of the internal functions of the engine, every second, giving mechanics advanced notice of mechanical issues, thus preventing breakdowns and costly repairs. Powercheck will also send alerts on battery voltage levels, low fuel, oil pressure and more. On those cold mornings, you will know which vehicles are not going to start before you even head to the garage.

Versatrans Onscreen*Onscreen is a powerful AVL that lets dispatchers know where vehicles are at all times. The system provides the answer to the question "Is my child's bus running late?" and the proof that the bus did actually stop and at what time. It also allows creation of geofence areas that you need to monitor more closely. For example, a geofence can be created to send an alert when each bus leaves the yard or if a bus goes off route. The real power of Onscreen comes when you integrate it with Versatrans Routing & Planning. Through the integration you can see the planned route and compare it to the actual path of the bus to identify the most optimum path.

Versatrans Routing & Planning*—The use of Routing & Planning with your GPS solution brings the technology full circle. Through a Route Import feature, easily import GPS paths into Routing & Planning and create routes on the fly. You can also drive new roads in the district and then import the actual streets into the map.

*Versatrans Onscreen & Versatrans Routing & Planning work with Tyler Telematic GPS as well as many other GPS hardware providers. Contact Tyler Versatrans Solution for a complete list of vendors.

The Hardware

Geotab GO4—the GO4 device is a proven hardware platform with over 100,000 units currently in operation. You have the option of RF, WiFi, GSM cellular or CDMA cellular technologies for sending the collected data to the servers.

On Board Alerts—buzzers sound when a driver gets close to exceeding a predefined threshold. For example, if district policy is that the bus can only idle for 5 min. a buzzer will sound after 4.5 min. to alert the driver that they are about to exceed the threshold for acceptable idling.

Driver Keys—keys are available for driver identification, route identification and 100 minutes of one-second interval accident data.

8 External Inputs—track directionals, front door, red overhead lights, yellow overhead, parking brake, brake lights and reverse lights.

Engine Diagnostics—collect MPG, low battery, idling, engine warnings and many other events through OBD, J1939 or J1708*.

Built-in Accelerometer—provides real-time alerting of hard braking, rapid acceleration, accidents and many other events.

There are no hidden fees. We are up front with any costs associated with the implementation and use of the GO4.

The Kit Communication Your Cost*
GO4 Box, Buzzer, Antenna, Key Harness, OBD Cable & Versatrans Powercheck RF (1000' range)
WiFi (50'-100' range)






* prices listed assume an OBD or J1939 connector and do not include monthly cell charges, shipping, installation or adapting to vehicles from 2001 or earlier.

Installation and training

Installation—provided by Geotab licensed technicians either at your location or at the bus distributor.

Training—we offer training to familiarize you with the software application, all of its features and to help you understand how it can work for you.

Support—our knowledgeable, experienced technical support representatives are there when you need them—whether you have been using the system for three days or three years.

Why Choose Tyler Telematic GPS
over a traditional GPS solution?

You need to find value in your investment. Significant ROI cannot be realized through only the traditional GPS data of longitude, latitude, time and odometer. You need to be able to identify problems before they occur, both with drivers and the vehicle. You need to be able to accurately identify and correct idling issues. You need to provide the best service you can possibly provide and find ways to save money while doing it. You need Tyler Telematic GPS.

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