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VersaTrans RP
the most flexible and easy-to-use routing and planning system
VersaTrans e-Link
our web-based product that allows access to transportation data on the Internet
VersaTrans FleetVision
our intuitive fleet management and maintenance software provides confident fleet decision making
VersaTrans TripTracker
our reliable and efficient field trip planning and management tool
VersaTrans OnScreen
real-time GPS fleet tracking and management system
VersaTrans SIF Agent
create a dynamic data gateway between VersaTrans RP and other applications
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Harrison School District 2
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jeanie Davee, Assistant Supervisor of Transportation

"I have just finished putting together the enormous notebook for the CDE October count.  This is the first year we have had VersaTrans. I can't tell you the amount of work this program has saved me!!!  I LOVE IT!!! Your technical department is fantastic.  They always call me back the same day and are so helpful and patient when I need it."

Submit a testimonial Pinelands Regional School District,
Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Judy Aiello, Accounting Clerk

"The program works like a charm... Our district finds the program to be excellent."


Eaton Rapids Public School District,
Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Carol Miller, Transportation Supervisor

"In our first year of using VersaTrans we were able to cut three bus routes and save $33,000."

"The integration of student data into the program made it easy to produce lists so students and drivers all know who gets on which transfer bus. We used to have kids getting on the wrong bus which presented a safety problem. Now we have an added layer of safety and security if there are any kids missing, a discipline problem or an accident."

Submit a testimonial Henderson County School District,
Lexington, Tennessee

David Johnson, Technology Director

“VersaTrans helped us locate the kids much faster and more accurately and vastly improved our routing. In the first year we cut out an entire bus route.”

“Through redistricting we’ve been able to prevent overcrowding at some schools and vacancies at others. We’ve been able to avoid the cost of adding classrooms and hiring new teachers.”

“I’m very impressed with VersaTrans, everything we want to do with the program we can. I love the way the data is set up and managed, and we can easily pull reports on students and apply filters to speed up analysis and decision-making.”

“We were using foam boards and push pins, now I don’t know how I got along with out VersaTrans”

Submit a testimonial Oak Ridge School District, Oak Ridge,

Fred Wells, Supervisor of Transportation

“We used to draw out routes by hand and add stops where the kids would wait for the bus. We really had no idea where the students actually lived and we were wasting money by running some buses where they didn’t need to go. Once we started using VersaTrans we knew exactly where each student lived and could route more precisely and efficiently to maintain better control over transportation costs.”

“I can have a child’s information in front of me in a few seconds; I can look at and adjust routes as needed with a few clicks.”

“It’s a complex and time-consuming problem to change all these routes, but VersaTrans automates the entire process,”

“VersaTrans is by far our most important tool. I’ve seen other routing software but have never seen anything to convince me there’s something better.”

Issaquah School District #411, Issaquah,

Gayle Morgan, Transportation Operations Coordinator

“We have been able to combine more individual runs, to make longer routes for drivers and eliminate additional individual runs. This saves the district money in extra drivers and buses and adds time for drivers, which has created a ‘win-win’ for all concerned. This summer alone, we were able to combine summer runs, saving the district over $6,000 in just a 6-week period.”

Submit a testimonial Radnor Township School District,
Radnor, Pennsylvania

Burt Blackburn, Transportation Director

“The first year we used [VersaTrans] to plan our routes we saved one bus, and I felt pretty good about that,” said Blackburn. “We saved in payroll, hours and benefits because we didn’t need another driver and we freed up a vehicle for other uses like sports trips. The next year we were able to eliminate two full-day routes and one midday route.”

“I knew that the only way to hold steady on buses was to use a system like this. Before we didn’t have a graphic depiction of what was going on - no maps. What we needed was to be able to create bus routes and see them graphically before we ran them.”

Evergreen School District #114,
Vancouver, Washington

Carol Arthur, Transportation Coordinator

“VersaTrans is renowned all over the state, I used it for five years at a previous school district and when I heard Evergreen purchased VersaTrans RP, I knew that coming here would be a good fit.”

“We all agreed that none of the criteria was more important than the others and our goal was to meet them all to their optimum possibility, VersaTrans RP made this easy to do.”

“I could go back through the filters and design chunk maps of students and move the chunks from one school to the next and immediately see how any scenario met our criteria.”

“I love the fact that when I design a boundary it’s immediate. I draw it, apply it, add filters and I’m done in six minutes. It used to take six hours to do this type of design and filtering by hand-drawing maps and searching through student databases. The time savings has been tremendous.”

“It’s really a wonderful program. It only considers facts and there’s no bias, which is so important when you’re dealing with students, parents and officials on an emotional issue like redistricting. I just plug in the criteria and it helps us meet each of them to the optimum.”

“Using VersaTrans RP allowed me to best meet the needs of everyone who had a stake in realigning our district boundaries. I’m very pleased.”

Submit a testimonial Student Transit, Inc.,
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Jim Fey, Transportation Director

“Before we had VersaTrans, if changes took place it was very difficult to figure out new routes. Now if someone calls with an address change, it’s really easy.”

“I use every facet of VersaTrans. It is easy to configure on your own and has been a huge time saver for us.”

“You can maintain your sanity.”

Forest Hills Public Schools,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Darryl Hofstrar, Transportation Director

“VersaTrans made creating alternative scenarios easy. I hope we won’t have to do this again too soon, but if we do, it’s nice to know that VersaTrans can help.”

Submit a testimonial Widefield School District,
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sandy Nierode, Transportation Manager

“We’re better equipped to handle unique transportation requests and to respond to emergencies because the student data is right at our fingertips with VersaTrans. We’re also able to be more detailed in our conversations with parents, citing actual route distances and times.”

“It used to take us 4 - 5 days to get a SPED student routed because driver directions had to be hand written after the route was manually researched on a paper map. Now we’re able to get referred students on a route in one day.”


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