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Tyler's Versatrans Triptracker

Web-Based School Field Trip Management and Planning Software

web-based field trip management software

Enjoy Field Trips Again!

Versatrans Triptracker is the most powerful web-based field trip management software solution on the market today.

“Versatrans Triptracker software adds significant savings to the bottom line.”

Shelley McLeod
School District 18

Field trip management shouldn't be more hassle than the trip is worth. Triptracker is a web-based solution for managing all aspects of the field trip process from the initial request through invoicing. With many powerful features such as automated driver selection and a user-defined approval process, TripTracker allows a school district to save hours in the day and comes ready to integrate with Versatrans Routing & Planning at no extra cost.

Say goodbye to the logistical problems associated with field trip management, reduce costs and time associated with field trip planning, and enjoy the trip!

Key Benefits for Your School District

  • web-based field trip management software Accessibility - access the data from any computer with Internet access. This makes it easy for teachers, coaches, etc. to submit requests and for technology departments to perform updates.
  • Role-based security - control which options users have available based on their role in the trip request and fulfillment process.
  • Customizable approval path - configure the system to include as many levels of approval and as many approvers at each level as needed to fully automate the trip approval process.
  • Keep Everyone Informed - be alerted when trips are submitted, approved, rejected, cancelled, scheduled, billed, or closed without having to log into the system.
  • web-based field trip management softwareDepartment calendar - see what is currently scheduled for a given day or week to avoid over-booking and conflicts. VersaTrans TripTracker will also alert you when a new trip conflicts with the schedule of an existing trip.
  • Employee information tracking - track employee type, certifications, pay rates for standard, sit, overtime, and more.
  • Multi-destination trips - plan and administer trips with multiple destinations.
  • Customizable daily restrictions for trips, vehicles & days - control the number of trips allowed per day, how many vehicles per trip and what days trips can be scheduled on.
  • Dynamic reporting - generate or export invoices and various reports, including reports of accounting, employees and trip information.
  • Integration with Google Maps™ mapping service - generate trip directions, determine trip distance and apply it to the trip estimate for a more accurate idea of trip costs.
  • Integration with VersaTrans RP - leverage optional integration with VersaTrans RP for automated data updates and fleet scheduling.
  • Integration with district financial software - Tripracker integrates with Tyler's MUNIS application for seamless field trip invoicing, reconciliation and account management.

Why Choose Tyler?

There are other systems out there for tracking field trip activity, so why choose Tripracker? First, we offer an easy-to-use application that is designed to tailor to your real-world field trip administration processes. Then, we back that solution with our unparalleled customer service and support.

We offer training to familiarize you with the application and all of its features and to help you understand how it can work for you. Our knowledgeable, experienced technical support representatives are there when you need them - whether you have been using the system for three days or three years. Customers choose Tyler not only for the strength of our solution, but also because of our reliable, efficient support and services.

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